World of Tanks Blitz was released on Mac OS X

Wargaming company informed that from today the mobile MMO action game World of Tanks Blitz is available on the platform Mac OS X.

World Of Tanks BlitzWorld of Tanks Blitz – a mobile free-to-play MMO-shooter, dedicated to tank battles of the mid-twentieth century, and offering a new format of command online battles. The game has inherited many elements of the original version of World of Tanks. Players are invited to a large arsenal of military equipment, divided into several classes: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and self-propelled anti-tank guns. Each class has unique playing characteristics and features its own individual fighting style.

For owners of mobile devices with operating systems iOS, Android and Windows 10 will have a separate place on the server. Players with Mac OS X will be able to meet in a battle with those who is playing on a PC with Windows 10.

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