Pavlok’s Shock Clock wakes a sleepy user by means of an electric discharge

Modern electronic alarm clocks trying to wake the user less irritable manner. For this purpose used pleasant melodies, increase the sound volume or vibration in the most favorable time of awakening. But Pavlok felt that such funds are not sufficiently effective, and created a brutal alarm clock with the eloquent title Shock Clock.Pavlok Shock Clock

Novelty is the electronic device which is worn on the hand and stimulates user to awaken by an electric discharge. Shock Clock connects to an application on your smartphone. At the appointed time of awakening the device starts to vibrate. If the user does not get out from the bed, the second waking up level is activated – Shock Clock starts to emit a loud beep. If this does not work, activated the third level of awakening, and the user receives a small electrical discharge, after which it is impossible not to wake up.stages of shock clockAs the developers, Shock Clock stimulates the user to wake up and get out of bed before getting an electric discharge. After a few days of using the brain gets used to the fact that after the vibration and sound warnings follow an electric discharge. Thus, the user will get up immediately after the first vibration.

Currently on Indiegogo is launched a campaign to raise funds necessary for the release of Shock Clock. Deliveries of devices is scheduled to begin in September 2016. The standard price of the device is at $99, but for the first sponsors of project Pavlok provide preferential price of $79 and $89.

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