Immersion sued Apple for patent violations related to 3D Touch

Immersion has filed a lawsuit against Apple for violation of its intellectual property rights. Plaintiff believes that the latest models of smartphones iPhone and all Apple Watch smart watches use solutions that violate patents owned by Immersion.

Apple Face it-it infoIn the lawsuit states that the system of the 3D Touch / Force Touch, which is used in smartphones iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and Apple Watch smart watches, violates a patent related to “distributed feedback” technology. The patent does not disclose the intensity of detection methods touch. However, it is defined as the software can display preliminary information with a light user clicks or otherwise operate under strong pressure. Furthermore, Immersion opinion, all of these devices is broken patent that defines how gadgets can provide a different response, depending on the action taken.

Currently not reported how much compensation Immersion wants to Apple for violating its intellectual property rights.

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