Blizzard releases new patches for Diablo II and Warcraft III, and expresses its ambitious plans

Last autumn Blizzard has officially announced that it plans to continue to maintain its classic games. Especially for this, the company has established a unit «Classic Games». To confirm his plans, Blizzard has released the first in the last four years the patch for Diablo II (2000), and the next week is scheduled update for Warcraft III (2002). Also announced support of the universe of StarCraft (1998).blizzard logoUndoubtedly, such qualities as immersive storyline, intense multiplayer and unlimited replayability made StarCraft, Warcraft III and Diablo II titans of their time. However, due to the development of technologies became difficult to play in them, since a modern OS or hardware does not support these games. The developers decided to restore them to such a degree that they are now perceived the same way as at the time of exit.

1.14a patch for Diablo II is now available for download. In the description of the patch was noted about correcting problems when run on modern operating systems. Perhaps for Warcraft III it will be done the same thing. Also stated is OSX support.

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