Overview fitness tracker Jawbone UP3

The company Jawbone continues to be one of the largest manufacturers of fitness trackers (sports bracelets). Not so long time ago, she released a major update for their devices, and we decided to see how things are going with not very new, but still relevant model Jawbone UP3.

Jawbone UP3 variants

Design and usability Jawbone UP3

The Jawbone UP3 design is not unusual, it is very similar to the model UP2. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic rubber with a plastic insert with textured pattern, which houses the main electronics. On the strap you can also see several contacts of the bioimpedance analysis sensor, with which Jawbone UP3 measures the heart rate, oxygen consumption and galvanic skin response. Strap in Jawbone UP3 is large enough and has a simple adjustment system, as well as fixing.

Jawbone UP3 bracelet coolTo adjust the bracelet to the size of your wrist, just move the fastening clamp. That should be enough to choose the optimal wrist girth from 140 mm to 190 mm. This Jawbone UP3 well kept on hand, although fixed quite simple: two flat hooks that cling to each other. For all time intensive use was not a single hint that the mount can break and bracelet subside off the hand. Sizes Jawbone UP3 is 220 × 12,2 × 3-9,3 mm, and weighs 29 grams. Fitness tracker is hardly felt on the hand.

Connecting and Functionality Jawbone UP3

The Jawbone UP3 can be synchronized with smartphones on Android and iOS. To do this, you need to install an application from the Jawbone UP. Connection is made via Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

Jawbone UP3 designThe main objective of Jawbone UP3 – to collect and analyze data on user activity and sleep, as well as his heart rate, oxygen consumption and galvanic skin response. The oxygen consumption level determine how a person is trained, and what physical activity he can withstand. Galvanic skin response allows you to analyze the functional state of the human nervous system. All these data are read by sensors disposed on the inner side bracelet. And they are necessary to more accurately determine the user’s status and activity.

Jawbone UP3 functions step oneFrom information gathered by the Jawbone UP3 you can make general conclusions about your condition, but it is not the ultimate truth. For example, the heart rate is measured only in a passive state, and the oxygen consumption by the body and the galvanic skin response is not properly analyzed.

Jawbone UP3 functions step twoThat’s what Jawbone UP3 is really good, so it is in counting steps. In contrast to the same Xiaomi MiBand, which is often interpreted even a slight movement of the hand as a step, on the Jawbone bracelet algorithms work almost flawlessly. The same is true for sleep and intelligent alarm clock. Another interesting feature of the Jawbone UP applications – this advice on health. The program periodically publishes a variety of useful information that you need more to move or better sleep. With Jawbone UP3 can also monitor their diet, adding in program details about the consumable products or dishes.

fitness tracker jawbone UP3 new coolJawbone UP3 – this is one of the most functional sports bracelet that not only counts steps, but also monitors the user’s sleep, measures the pulse rate, oxygen consumption by the body and galvanic skin response. This fitness tracker can be connected to third-party services and even smart home devices. However, for most users are unlikely to need all the features of Jawbone UP3, and the cost of the device still remains quite high.

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