Arrow Smart-Kart – a smart electric mini car for kid

Actev Motors Company has created an electrical mini car for primary school children. In this model, implemented “smart” technological solutions designed to improve the comfort and safety of its use. Novelty called Arrow Smart-Kart.
Arrow Smart-Kart it-it
Arrow Smart-Kart is easily configured for use by children aged 5 to 9 years. To make the resemblance to a racing car, it is possible to personalize by uploading synthesized sounds of the various engines. The device is equipped with a wireless module Wi-Fi. With companion app ” Arrow” you can keep track of the car’s statistic: general driving time, total distance traveled, maximum speed.

Arrow Smart-Kart it-it in black colorIn the app also implemented a parental control function. For example, parents can limit the maximum travel speed (the maximum speed of 12 miles per hour or 19.3 km / h), set the area where you can go. The application also sends an alert if the car is in a stationary state of a specified period of time.

Arrow Smart-Kart In fullThe Arrow Smart-Kart implemented additional security features. It can be stopped by pressing one button, a built-in system prevents collision in case of detection of obstacles on the way. Geo-tracking system will not allow to go beyond the established territory.

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