From time to time quite amusing projects emerge on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. We are carefully monitoring the news of this kind  and tried to share with you the most interesting, in our opinion, novelties. Here we take, for example, the uncomplicated gadget DistractaGone. On the surface it looks like a small box with a digital display and three buttons. For what can I use this device? What do you think?


The person in average spends more than 4 hours a day for his smartphone. A simple math allows us to calculate that in one year we spend on the phone almost 1,500 hours, and this for a moment, almost two months of life. But it’s more than that. Many people can not break away from their gadgets or at work, or during dinner with the family, or even on a date with their beloved. For this reason specially for such “clinical case” team of creative person from the Netherlands has developed DistractaGone.


DistractaGone – this sturdy plastic box that can be locked up with an electronic lock with a timer  for safety or treatment reasons. Do you want to spend time with your family without prying smartphones – just put them in a box, close it, set the timer to, say, three hours, and then press the button with the image of the castle. All. As long as the timer does not count down the time to zero, the box is tightly closed, and you can easily communicate without being distracted by messages from social networks and instant messengers. Of course, we can say that there is nothing interesting in this invention. But, of course, it’s not a mini-safe, but rather a symbol that will help people to realize how they have a lot of time to give your gadgets, forgetting about more important things.


Dimensions DistractaGone allow him to put in four smartphones, including popular now PHABLET. The device costs € 35 and will go on sale in February 2017.