Video: Sisyphus table, which is constantly changing

coffee tables and end tablesBruce Shapiro of Minneapolis has developed Sisyphus table on which it has been possible to create countless magnificent, glorious and simply  beautiful patterns of sand providing  the most complex and diverse, for any taste, design templates. According to a description of the project on Kickstarter, a metal ball is moving along the way on the sand, which is controlled with a magnet. Its route will never be the same again.

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To create a project, Shapiro took only 50 thousand dollars, but it has already accumulated more than 1.94 million dollars for the project. The first investors of Sisyphus table (named on behalf of the Greek builder and the  king of Corinth Sisyphus) spended about 645 dollars.
The appearance of the coffee table is impressive – see for yourself:

But it looks like the design, installed under a layer of sand:


Models of tables up to 40 inches in diameter have stepper drives, larger – brushless servomotors. Steel ball movements are controlled with magnet, which causes it to move in a certain trajectory.
The direction of movement is specified with the mini-computer Raspberry Pi 3, for which the corresponding program is designed. In addition, the apparatus includes LEDs, USB-interface, and Wi-Fi. Sisyphus is powered by a universal AC adapter 12V. Small tables consume about 100 watts of power, large – up to 200 watts.Sisyphus table004
The first table will be sended to investors in October 2017. If you order Sisyphus table now (fundraiser will end on October 24), you can get it will not be before October 2018 – project will have tremendous popularity.

How does it work? (more detailed version)

Sisyphus table001

What you can observe is a completely functional glass-topped table with a thin layer of sand under its glass surface. Below there is a two-motor robot (the “Sisbot”) that is checked by a small Raspberry Pi computer which plays a case of path files the way a music player plays an audiofile. Sisyphus has no on/off switch; it is simply plugged in and then continue to work under default settings and automatic control.Sisyphus table003
Playback can managed by means of selecting suitable tracks or playlists – speed of play, and screen-lighting from a mobile app or through any browser to connect to Sisyphus with WiFi.

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Will you need table salon design?

Will you need table salon design?