Nissan trade-in scheme announced, includes approved used Leaf

Owners can receive up to £5000 plus trade-in value of their current car, in the latest trade-in scheme of a growing trend

Nissan is offering up to £5000 off the price of its models in a trade-in scheme designed to get higher-polluting cars off the roads. 
Following in the recent steps of Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai and others, Nissan has announced that it is joining the effort to put the UK’s drivers into less polluting cars through the incentives, which the brand focuses on used Nissan Leafs – it’s offering up to £2000 off approved used 24kWh examples of the electric supermini, plus trade-in value of traded in cars. This equates to a PCP deal of £100 per month.
Customers can get up to £3600 off the new Micra and £4500 off the Juke and previous-generation Qashqai, although a lesser saving of £3500 is offered on the new Qashqai. 
The biggest discount is the £5000 offered for the current-generation X-Trail, while the new car has a smaller discount of £4000, as the brand attempts to shift the remaining examples of its current-generation SUV. 
Nissan’s scheme runs for the month of September only, and is offered to owners of pre-Euro 5 classification cars, registered before 2010. Nissan is the only car maker to be offering the scheme on used cars; the other manufacturers’ schemes extend only to brand new ones. A Nissan spokesman clarified that the brand will not be scrapping traded in cars.
Alex Smith, boss of Nissan Uk said: “Since 2010, Nissan has pioneered and led the charge for widespread electric vehicle adoption. As we ready to unveil the all-new Nissan Leaf, we’re launching a new campaign to encourage drivers of older vehicles to make the switch to cleaner electric power.”
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