Ultra Powerful sports hybrid ARASH AF10 HYBRID will be shown in Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show will be have a very unusual version of sport car Arash AF10 – a supercharged hybrid AF10 Hybrid.
ARASH AF10The power of the new hybrid sport car Arash AF10 Hybrid is a huge. The main “heart” of the car – the eight-cylinder gasoline engine with 912 hp and torque of 1200 Nm. Him is complemented by 4 electric motors, each rated at 299 “horses” and a torque of 270 Nm. The total power of the engines – incredible for one car 2108 hp!
ARASH AF10 Super HybridAcceleration to 100 kph (62 mph) in the new Arash AF10 Hybrid will take less than three seconds. What’s there to “hundreds” – the mark of 200 kph (124 mph) the novelty overcomes just 8 seconds! Such acceleration will be envied even some of sportbikes!

We note that at the Geneva Motor Show also will be shown a “little brother” of the Arash AF10 – AF8 Cassini.


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