Toyota Mirai – the most environmentally friendly car in 2016

At the International Motor Show in New York hosted the annual contest “World Car of the Year”. The contest is held from 2005, it determines the winners in several nominations, including “The Best Eco-Friendly Car in the World”.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen carIn 2016, the most environmentally friendly car has been recognized by Toyota Mirai. The top three finalists also hit Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius new generation.

Toyota MiraiToyota Mirai was first presented to the public in November 2013 at the Tokyo Motor Show. This vehicle produces no harmful emissions into the atmosphere, instead of carbon monoxide from the exhaust steam exits.

Toyota Mirai car safetyThe hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is already sold in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the United States. In the near future the company will release the model in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

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